7 thoughts on “krowd reset password”

  1. Piece of crap app. Needs a lot of work. Especially for iPhone users. It’s always crashing and malfunctioning. The app should also include a history of all the shifts worked. I was trying to find it and couldn’t. Then the next day it logged me off and said my password was wrong. I carefully made sure it was the password I use for all my work and school things. I wrote it down too. I had to get my account deactivated and reactivated at work yet it still didn’t work. This app is frustrating.

  2. FIx this app! I would like to be able to get into this app without an issue and having to fix this app and I have to reset my password bc you log me out. I can’t even get past the login when I click forgot password. Fix or switch to a different app.


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