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How to login to Krowd Darden at to access Darden Employee information, services, resources, development, and more.

Darden KROWD is a web portal application created by Darden Restaurants for their employees to log in, access, and manage the employee information, services, and access development training materials.

KrowD offers several options to manage work schedules, shift timings with Krowd Darden login, and other retail stores.

Darden restaurant employees had to open the Krowd login page and access their employment tools online through the employee portal.

While Darden associates access the KrowD Darden online portal, they need to sign in with a username or userID and password and get access to the employee personal data, work schedules, shift timings, and tax filling instructions from the Dashboard.

krowd darden

Darden KROWD application allows its employees to view compensations statement,

Number of hours worked/serviced,

Amount earned,

W-2 Tax filling option,

Medical coverage,

Retirement plans, and other employee benefits.

Also, you can change your shift timings and move or relocate to other Darden stores.

Above these employee benefits can be accessed for the below chain of restaurants which are.,

  • Olive Garden
  • LONGHORN Steakhouse Restaurants
  • Cheddar’s Kitchen
  • Yard House
  • The Capital Grills
  • Seasons 52
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Eddie V’s

Olive Garden Employees had to access the Krowd Darden login olive garden website portal.

LongHorn employees get access to its employee portal from the KROWD Longhorn login

KROWD Login @ Darden KROWD Portal

KROWD service is used by the employees who are currently working under Darden Restaurants in any of the brands.

With the help of this service, employees can work better with the necessary information and functionalities which help them to work efficiently.

Get the KrowD App on your mobile device to get instant updates about company news, access your paycheck, and employee benefits, and secure with fingerprint authentication.

Krowd Login is secured by employee validation which uses their employment id and passwords.

Current Darden Employees have several options to check to manage, below we had listed a few:

  • View Work Schedules.
  • View Paycheck.
  • Check your shift timings and swap shifts.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Send messages between employees and managers.
  • Employee Work Benefits and more…

Before you log in to KROWD, You must have an active KROWD account.

For activation, kindly follow the procedure and use the point of sale service from the website portal at the restaurant to activate the KrowD ID.

activation of krowd employee id.

After completing the registration process at the store, you will receive a USER ID and create a password you want to use during login from the website or app.

People who are working at Lowes Home Improvement store, have access to the Lowes HR app and necessary portal to manage their work management effectively.

Sign in to the Darden Krowd Login page

Current employees of Darden can access Krowd Darden Login at

Follow the below steps to complete krowd login to access and manage the Darden employment options:

krowd login
  • Open your computer’s preferred browser (Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera.
  • Enter the website address ( on the address bar of the browser.
  • You will be redirected to the KROWD application of Darden Restaurants.
  • Enter the account credentials (username and password) to access and manage employee options.

After following the above instructions for the Krowd Darden login page, You will be redirected to Krowd Dashboard and find all related employment information like employee schedules, time management, direct deposit, w-2 tax filing, and more.

Krowd Darden Reset Password Instructions:

Follow the below steps carefully on how to reset my Darden KROWD password:

krowd reset password

Only managers can request a reset password. so, we recommend you contact the manager.

  • To reset the password, Kindly visit
  • At the bottom of the login area, you can find a link like “Managers: Reset Password”.
  • Once you click on that, you will be requested to verify your identity with email, employment id, and date of birth.
  • After verifying the identity, you will have the option to change the password.

KROWD App on Mobile Store – How to Download?

Welcome to Krowd – Mobile version, It provides the employees with enough information about their employment status, benefits, work schedules, paystubs, tax filling instructions, and a lot more updates and news about the company.

For quick access to Krowd login from the mobile phone, we recommend the employees follow the below steps to download the krowd app from their mobile app store.

krowd app
  • Based on the mobile OS, android users – visit the play store on their mobile; iPhone users – visit the app store.
  • Go to the search option, type the “Krowd” search term and search it.
  • The result will give you the official KROWD mobile app to install.
  • Click on the Install button to download and install it on the mobile.
NOTE IMPORTANT: Only the registered user can login to the Krowd Darden application on the mobile device. If the employees are not registered, kindly follow "Activate" procedure to complete their registration with the help of the Store manager or HR team.

Setup Direct Deposit

  • After accessing the KrowD web portal, From the Menu, check the direct deposit option.
  • Enable direct deposit and fill in the bank details to complete the process.
  • After you verify the bank details, Request the manager to receive payment using direct deposit.

Check My Schedules on

Many employees have trouble accessing their work schedules on KROWD and don’t know where to find employee schedules.

If you have such a problem, the below steps will help to check my schedules directly from the Krowd Darden login portal.

krowd work schedules
  • You can check work schedules directly from the KROWD app or Krowd-Web portal.
  • On the menu, you can find “My Schedules”.
  • Click on that option to view work schedules for the current and upcoming weeks.

Change Work Availability

krowd work availability
  • After you access the Krowd login from the dashboard, navigate to the menu on the left side.
  • Find Work Availability options.
  • Click on it to view your work timings, request swap shits, accept shift changes, and more.

View W-2 Statements for Tax Filling

Follow the below steps on how to access & view W-2 for tax filling:

  1. Login to the Krowd web portal ( with your username and password.
  2. Under personal information, Locate the documents option.
  3. Scroll down and from payroll information, you will find the W-2 Document.
  4. View W-2 Form and updated the necessary information and complete your tax filing process.

Darden Restaurants Jobs & Careers:

Darden has a bunch of restaurants under its operation, has been providing delicious food for more than 18 million people across the states, and are continuously making a life change for those people. Under the restaurants, more than 8,000 people including men and women are currently working in various departments of the restaurants across several regions in the U.S.

Corporate Jobs

Darden Restaurants have many corporate jobs, like executives, managers, directors, and associates in various sector and level of the company. The organization is well structured and the team at each level works carefully to provide quality food.

Restaurant Jobs for Students & Graduates

The opening at restaurants will always have opportunities for students to work as part-time employees and also graduates can look for a better job designation in any of the Darden restaurant stores. The support center works to better understand the customer’s needs, expectations, and satisfaction.

Darden Employee Benefits & Compensation

People love to work in any of Darden Restaurants, because of the many compensations and advantages which the company offers for its employees.

Out of many things, some of the below plans are what people love:

  • Intensive training.
  • Self-development program.
  • Salary & Tips
  • Medical, Life & Dental insurances.
  • 401K plans
  • Stock purchase plans

Other than the above, a few things are adaptive work schedule which is extremely loved by the employees; pride of being an associate of Darden; diversity of the employment.

Contact Darden KROWD:

Many customers are looking for ways to contact Darden for general queries, complaints, employment doubts, and more. There are several options to contact them or follow the blog.

You can use any of the below options:

Current Associates:

  1. Call Total Rewards Service Center at 888-374-3343, if you have any employee benefits problems.
  2. Call Employee Relations at 800-932-2558, If you have any queries related to employment and other concerns.

Wage Statements:

A former employee of Darden Restaurants may request W-2 wage statements from


Darden wants to hear from retirees. Use the Retiree Contact form to share any feedback or opinions.

Mailing Address:

Darden Inc
PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011

Corporate Office Address:

1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32869
The United States.

Follow them on Social Media accounts:




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