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KROWD App is made for employees at Darden Restaurants and its affiliated store. Employees who are currently working at any of the Darden Restaurants have several ways to access the employment information from or KrowD Darden app.

With this application, employees can access their work schedules, shift timings, post, and swap shifts, get instant notification, get connected with co-workers, and many more.

Once your account is activated, kindly download krowd app from the mobile app store to get these benefits.

Krowd App | Krowd Darden App for Employees

Krowd Darden App lets you know complete information about the employee work schedules, paycheck, benefits, tax filing instructions, and lot more.

The app is highly secured and protected with fingerprint security.

krowd darden app

With Krowd App, Employees from longhorn krowd can have certain employment information like:

  • View Work Schedules
  • Manage Paycheck
  • Tax-filling process
  • Benefits Status
  • Connect with Co-workers

Download Krowd App for Employees

To download the krowd Darden app, visit mobile app store from mobile and search for KROWD.

Now find the official app, and click on the install button.

Download will be started in while and it will be automatically installed on the mobile device.

krowd app

In order to use the mobile app, employee’s krowd account have to activated successfully.

To activate krowd darden olive garden account, kindly contact the human resource team of Darden Restaurants.

Activation requires the employee’s presence at their restaurant using the Krowd website ie.,

After activating, you need to setup a strong password along with employee id or user id

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  1. I need help downloading the app to my iPhone. Every time I try to look up to download it online because my phone is an iPhone it just sends me to websites of how to download it


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