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A detailed guide on how to access the KROWD Darden login web-portal to validate employee credentials and access KROWD Dashboard to check employee personal data, benefits, employee services, and other several tools online directly. As the Olive Garden is a part of Darden Restaurant, the employees of Olive Garden can use the same online portal to view and access the employee development training, corporate company updates, and more.

Wanna access KROWD Darden on the Mobile? Try to download KROWD App from Google Play Store or App Store. Or want to access Darden krowd on a home laptop/desktop, we request the employees to access the krowd Darden login page and authenticate with their employee id and password.

KROWD Darden Restaurants

Darden – Olive Garden: A popular chain of restaurants owned by Darden has over 1800+ restaurants across several regions in the United States. As of 2017, there are over 17 million people who currently work at the restaurants and its corporate office.

CEO Gene Lee recently stated, the COVID-19 Situation, and responded to provide better safety and health checks for the Darden employees and their families.

Several restaurant’s dinning areas are closed due to Covid-19 and always cleaning their restaurant area. Customers can order foods directly from the website or application and it will be safely delivered to the customer’s address.

Also with this Corona Situation, The company planned to pay its employees $800 million and while many JCPenney stores are facing bankruptcy which makes them close several stores.

To manage employees, these companies use specialized software which is known as KrowD Darden. And these are managed by the HR department. KROWD portal can be accessed only by employees.

  • Olive Garden
  • LONGHORN Steakhouse Restaurants
  • Cheddar’s Kitchen
  • Yard House
  • The Capital Grills
  • Seasons 52
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Eddie V’s

The restaurant employees from the above stores can access Darden My Dish portal to check updates about their work-related information. If you need any employee benefits or to update any details, you don’t need to visit their office.

Using the portal, you can request and update several work-related informations about the employment.

Some of the information are listed below:

  • Work Schedules & Shift Timings
  • View paystubs & paycheck
  • Update Payment Instruction
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax-filling
  • W-2 Form
  • Health benefits
  • Insurance & coverage
  • and more employee information.

Krowd Darden Login Instructions:

Below find the detailed instruction on accessing Krowd Web Portal for Darden Restaurant employees. To request or update any employee information, you are requested to access the Darden KROWD portal.

Follow the below steps carefully to login krowd.darden portal:

krowd darden login
  1. Darden Employees have to access the official website URL of Krowd Darden employee sign in
    ie., or
  2. To access the website, Use any recommended browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera with the latest operating system.
  3. Open the browser, Enter the above-mentioned website address.
  4. Now the website will be automatically redirected to the krowd Darden login screen with username and password.
  5. Enter the employee login credentials on the required box.
  6. Click on the “Login” button to access your dashboard.

To access from mobile, we recommend downloading the Krowd App on your mobile device.

NOTE: Before accessing on mobile, you need to enable or activate the employee account from the specific restaurant store using point of sale.

Darden Krowd Employee Options:

After employees logged in, There are several things an employee can do with the KROWD application.

One of the important things which every employees need to check every week is their work schedules, & shift timings.

Other than this, Employees need to updated their payment preferences to receive their monthly payment on pay-stubs as direct deposit or paychecks.

Employees benefits, Tax-filing instructions, Holiday dates, 401k form, W-2 Form, and more.

All these details are available to employees at

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