Secure Access Darden

Secure Access Darden: This secure access portal is used by Darden Restaurant employees. Below we had listed some important links which are frequently used and always helpful for Darden Associates.

KrowD – Secure Access Darden

secure access darden

Darden Manager Access: Welcome

Darden Employees are requested to manage their employment profile from Darden manager access which can be accessed at Have any trouble accessing krowd.darden manager portal? Kindly click the below button to proceed.

KrowD Manager Home Access:

Darden Restaurants employees can access and manage their work schedules, shift availability, employee benefits, direct deposit, paystubs, and more from their home network. Everything is available at KrowD manager home access the online platform at

Darden Manager Home Access

If the employees wish to access the Darden manager service from home network, then the company advise to use a VPN service to get connected to the Darden network and access Darden manager home access while they are staying at home during this covid-19 pandemic situation.

NOTE: Before accessing, we recommend you to connect to VPN and try accessing the above link.

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  1. I can’t sign in to my account it keeps saying un authorized something but I am authorized it’s not the first time this has happened

  2. I forgot my username and can’t login in to access my account. I am also a former employee and need my w-2 form.

  3. So KrowD App logged me out last night after trying to check my upcoming work schedule, attempted to log back in yet apparently forgot my username and password. Can you help me out please and thank you


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