Olive Garden Locations (Near Me) using Google Maps

Find the Olive Garden locations and restaurants near me or my location using google map gps location. If you do not already know, where to find your local olive garden restaurant, then here are the way from which you can find all the Olive Garden locations in 2 very easy steps.

If you love Italian food, then you NEED to check out the Olive Garden chain of restaurants.

There are already 1320 Olive Garden locations all over the US, with 300 more locations expected to be added in the upcoming years. So, it is very likely that there already is one or more restaurants in your local city. And if not, then it’s worth driving to the next, if you are a fan of Italian food, as the Olive Garden locations always use completely fresh ingredients for all their dishes.

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olive garden locations


First you can try the company’s restaurant locator:


There you can also find information about the particular menu at your local branch.

But if you are familiar with Google maps, then you can also quickly use Google to find the restaurant near you.

How to find Olive Garden Near me using Google:


When looking for a local Olive Garden locations:

All you have to do is go to Google and type in ‘Olive Garden + [your city]’.

Google will then show you the closest one to your location, plus they will add a map add to find the locations at the side of the screen.

If this function has been turned off on your computer, for one reason or another, then click on ‘maps’ at the top of your screen and then repeat the search.

Remember to enter your city in the search as well, and not just ‘Olive Garden’.


If all you have access to is a mobile/phone, you can still search in Google for Olive Garden locations near you. It is the easiest way to find any place or business (or a restaurant for that matter).

If you have an android device, and you have to enable the ‘GPS Location’ function, then you do not need to enter your location. Google will automatically know where you are and will show results around your location. This is the super cool way to find the nearest Olive Garden.

If you are concerned about privacy then disable this function, as you do not want Google to know where you are at any given moment. You can still use the search function, though, you just need to enter your location as well, when you search for ‘Olive Garden near me’.

We hope that helped, for information on the  menu please see ‘OLIVE GARDEN MENU‘.

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